The world is changing

Just as with many examples of technological changes, this before and after image shows how quickly the world has changed at the beginning of the 20th century. Just 13 year it took to completely disrupt existing Horse Trade, Infrastructure dedicated to breeding, raising, selling, maintaining and caring for horses.

Today, the world is changing again! This time the speed with which the change comes is much faster. The technology and infrastructure already exists. We all carry a device in our pocket which is more powerful, than any computer in the world just 10 years ago. iPhone was first introduced in 2007, just 11 years ago. Since then the entire industry was transformed.

Now, it is time to transform the Travel Tour Guide System industry from the 20th century technology into the 21st century solution. This requires nothing more than your existing device. The example below shows a comparison between existing Sound System for Tour Guides vs the Uniti Application.

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