When the TourGuide first clicks the Speak button, it may take up to 20 seconds for the Live Voice Transmission to begin. This depends on my aspects, but most importantly due to Signal Strength, Smartphone Device, Software Version and similar. So please be patient.

In case there is any issue with the Live Voice transmission, the TourGuide has to LOGOUT and LOG back IN, without closing the Group. Once the TourGuide logs back in, Tour Guide will have too click Speak and the Voice Transmission should come back. In rare cases, Restart of all applications in the Group may be required.

Uniti is an App and is a 21st century solution and a replacement for an old fashioned and traditional headset systems for TourGuides and Tour Groups.

Uniti allows you to create your own Group, by creating a Group Key (a randomly generated password). This guarantees full privacy to all connected users. Uniti allows you to easily connect to an existing Group, by simply providing a Group Key.

Once you Generate the Group Key, you decide with whom you share that Group Access Key. You decide for how long that Group is Active. As the Group Creator, you can also Block any member of the Group.

All functionalities of the App are free to use, except the AudioGuide Feature. In order for the Group member to listen to your Audio Transmission, you will have to purchase and activate credits for all or some members of the group. The cost for each credit is $0.10.

Uniti credit, once purchased and activated, allows the Group Member to listen to the Tour Guide’s Audio Transmission. Each activated credit remains active for the 24 hour period. Example: If your Group has 45 members and you want all of them to be able to listen to your Audio transmission, you will need to activate 45 credits. Activated credit will expire after 24 hours.

Audio Guide System allows the Tour Guide to transmit Audio to the Group. The Group members gain the ability to listen to the Tour Guide. Audio Guide functionality, requires the purchase and activation of credits.

Notification functionality allows the TourGuide to send a notification message to all members of the Group at the same time.

Message functionality allows the Group Member (tourist) to write a Private Message to the Tour Guide. The Tour Guide can respond but not initiate a Private Message to the Group Member. This feature can be very useful in case of any emergency, or just to simply ask a question.

Yes, Uniti functionalities work through the use of the internet.