TourGuide System for Travel Agencies, Tour Guides and Tourists.

Tour Guide & all Tourists in the Group use the same Application. Tour Guide communicates with the members of the group using the AudioGuide System, speaks to the group. Tourists, members of the group, listen to the transmission dedicated only to the group. Password restricted, safe, 21st century solution for the Travel Industry.

Main functionalities and System AudioGuide

Audio Guide

Speak to your group using your own Smartphone and your earphones/microphone.


Send Notifications to your Entire Group, right from the App.

No Logistics

The App works by using personal Smartphones and Earphones of all members of the group. No more Carrying, Charging, Cleaning of external systems.

Full Privacy

Randomly generated password is the Group Key used to become a member of the group.

Voice Quality, Any Range

Voice transmits directly through the app, using the internet. There is Zero Radio Waves Interference.

Hygenic and Ease of use

Using your own device with Internet access, eliminates unnecessary germs from shared devices.

Increase your company profits

Our App will not only save you time, but it will increase your profits, lowering operational costs. You can Transfer Credits between accounts, purchase credits on the fly and more.

Integrated payments

Safe and Secure credit purchasing system, directly in the App.

Full Reporting

Generate reports for your business

Unlimited Tourists & Groups

App allows you to create and managed unlimited Groups and Tourists.

Unlimited Destinations

Increase your Offer by creating Groups in new locations

Distribute purchased credits

Transfer credits to your team of TourGuides in an instant.

Hearing Impaired Friendly App

TourGuide speaks, the App writes the text for you.

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